Material Care


We strive to make and sell high-quality delicate minimalistic jewellery designed primarily around good-quality diamonds and 18k gold. We want our jewellery to be worn every day and cherished for years. Our materials are sustainable and our quality is exceptional. We believe that jewellery is more than just an accessory

Solid Gold

We only use swiss pure gold.

Master Alloy

We offer 18-karat jewellery in yellow, rose & white colours. 75 per cent is pure Swiss gold and the remaining 25 per cent is the master alloy that gives colour to the gold. The master alloy used in our jewellery is from Legor Group S.P.A, Italy. This makes our jewellery wear-resistant, non-oxidized, perfect for everyday wear and forever.


The Diamonds used at Revanto Jewels are natural, ethically sourced, sorted and graded before its set into the jewellery. Every finished piece of jewellery is certified by International laboratories for its genuineness.


We only use authentic natural and synthetic gemstones.

Jewellery Care and Cleaning

Revanto Jewels jewellery is perfect for daily wear because the materials are enduring and of high grade. Our jewellery undergoes acid boiling/ chemical cleaning at various stages during its manufacturing process, however, we have curated some of the best tips and tricks to care for your diamond or gold jewellery to ensure that it will maintain its lustre.

  • Always store your jewellery separately to avoid scratches.
  • To maintain its shine avoid wearing jewellery while showering or avoid direct contact with soap or oil.
  • Remove all jewellery when washing your hands, putting on perfume, or applying cream.
  • Avoid contact with household detergents, chlorine, bleach or other chemicals.
  • Avoid putting your jewellery near sources of intense heat such as tanning beds, hot tubs, etc.
  • Avoid direct contact with other hard materials that can scratch the gold or can damage the diamonds.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery at the gym, beach, swimming pool, or while doing any active sports. These environments could cause irreparable dents, scratches, or loosen the diamonds.
  • When travelling, protect your jewellery pieces from scratches or other impact damages, by storing them in a suitably lined/padded box/ case or a soft pouch.
  • Jewellery should never be tossed into a drawer or on top of a dresser, this can cause scratches or damage to the gems.
  • You can wear the enamel jewellery daily provided you keep it away from detergents, chlorine, perfume, soap, shampoo, ultrasonic and liquid jewellery cleaners. Enamel used in Revanto Jewels jewellery is handmade and delicate, it can chip and fade in colour, so handle your jewellery with care.
  • All our Malachite, White and Grey Mother-of-Pearl jewellery is recommended for occasional wear. Keep it away from detergents, chlorine, perfume, soap, shampoo, ultrasonic and liquid jewellery cleaners to retain its lustre.

Steps for cleaning your jewellery

  • Check your jewellery regularly for signs of dirt, wear and tear.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners on jewellery.
  • Gently rub gold jewellery with a dry, clean, lint-free and soft cloth to maximize the metals’ lustre and shine. Do not use rough paper towels or paper tissues to clean precious metals as they may also scratch the surface of the metal.
  • After each wear, it is recommended to wipe jewellery clean with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to remove any make-up or natural skin oils.
  • Take extra care when cleaning enamel jewellery as they are fragile and susceptible to
  • You can also soak the jewellery in a warm water solution using a mild detergent or dishwashing liquid for 15-20 minutes. If required you can use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt, next Rinse with cold water and lay it flat on a soft, clean, and dry cloth or
    towel. Let it air dry completely and wipe with a lint-free and soft cloth.